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Why trusting God matters

by Ginger Daniel

Let’s talk about trust.

King David counted his men when he should have trusted the hand of God. Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to it as God instructed. Both had severe consequences.

The plague David’s people faced killed 70,000 men. Moses was not able to enter the promised land.

The Lord is serious about us trusting Him. It is not just a call. A call sounds easier- like an invitation.

But He tells us to trust Him. It is a command. It goes beyond just our need for peace. Trusting God brings him the glory due His Name. Because trust declares Him as faithful before the prayer is answered. Trust declares Him good no matter the outcome.

We cannot fully comprehend what happens in our spirit as we worship from a place of trust, but we can know it is highly valued by the Father.

If we begin to depend on our strength, our position, or the praise of people….we have turned from full dependence on God alone. God can have no other place but first. So because He is holy, and there will be no other God but Him, He will do what he wills to make it known He is the Great I Am.

Moses gave into his emotions. We’ve all been there, reactive more than responsive. Feeling, more than thinking or submitting to the Lord. Then we make a move within those feelings against our better judgement or the humility of the Lord.

David just had to count. He found pride in the numbers of his mighty men. He had to know ahead of time he would be stronger in battle than the other guy. He wanted assurance he would win. Have we been there too? Have we found pride in what we can show to the world? Have we been stubborn about doing it ourselves? Have we known we can handle it all, really?

We all fall short here, in the trusting. We come to these stories in Scripture and see our own need for mercy.


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