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The Increase of His Government

by Ginger Daniel | Facebook

I’m praying that the Spirit would break into and uproot any thought patterns that make God small or restrict my faith and prayer. I confess I have put a ceiling on various people or situations as if God is not the powerful God of the Israelites. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who set the captives free. I confess I have prayed too small. Prayed within my line of sight. Seen only what is not instead of what can or will be. I cast down every thought that comes up against your power and Lordship or restrains the faith you mean to build and use to shake the earth.


I sent this to a friend recently to have her come alongside me in prayer and stay accountable. Then I read this statement today from a book on spiritual warfare I have treasured for years:

“Therefore, you must learn to look objectively at any thoughts or attitudes that fail to conform to the likeness and teachings of Jesus. Those thoughts must be captured and wrong attitudes crucified. We must make way in us for the coming of the Lord. We must allow the "increase of His government" to expand until we are so absorbed into His Spirit that we not only believe in Him, we believe like Him. His love, thoughts, and desires flow out from within us.” - Francis Frangipane

🔥We must the allow the “increase of his government” to expand within us. Yowza. It starts in the thought life and heart attitudes. The habits and ways of thinking. Then we are more humble and patient in our homes and with family. Then in our meetings and at church and work. Then our communities are changed.

Break through Lord. Have every part of us. Set us free from ourselves and be lifted high.


Ginger Daniel serves in ministry with her husband of thirteen years, David, who pastors First United Methodist of Ardmore, Oklahoma. They have nine-year-old twins. They hope to be found faithful to Jesus.


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