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What if...

by Ginger Daniel

He doesn’t provide strength for the “what ifs.” He invites us to faith.

We carry the weight of tomorrow or even later in the day or one year from now while he offers to hold us right now.

Often I sense Him asking, “Are you done? Have you reached your limit? Have you thought through it enough? Come to me, child. I am the assurance you deeply need.”

If we will release the details of life long enough to settle into the assurance of his presence and decide to trust his faithfulness, we will find a faith to speak into the “what ifs” of life we forgot we had.

What we may need to believe now more than anything is that He is a God of the details. The tiniest factor does not slip by Him unnoticed. We can ruminate or discuss the “what if’s” of every foreseeable scenario regarding our kids/teachers/staff/employees going to school/work. But that’s just it- God sees beyond the foreseeable. That’s the good news we have.

If this encourages you at all right now, know this- God is absolutely sovereign. If you are struggling with a decision as so many are, all you can do is this:

  1. Seek wise counsel (Prov. 20:18)

  2. Commit your way to the Lord (Psalm 37:5-6)

  3. Decide

  4. Let it go now and trust that He can take it from here (Prov. 3:5-7)

We can only think about decisions for so long before anxiety takes root because we cannot know the outcomes of every decision. We fear what we cannot control. So let go of the outcomes. We cannot sit under the weight only God can carry. That weight is tomorrow, and everything it holds. There is nothing- NO THING- He does not see in your situation. Find your peace again by taking a deep breath and giving it all to God.


Ginger Daniel serves in ministry with her husband of thirteen years, David, who pastors First United Met

hodist of Ardmore, Oklahoma. They have nine-year-old twins. They hope to be found faithful to Jesus.


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