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What Changes Do You Need to Make?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

by Carter Cox

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When we are children we dream of doing great things. As we get older we settle. We settle for the American dream version of greater things. Even in ministry we do this. We esteem the greatest thing is becoming a pastor of a thriving mega-church busting at the seams every Sunday morning. We esteem of big buildings, budgets, and numbers of baptisms. When I hear of these sheepish dreams, I think back on what Isaiah prophesied about Jesus, “It is too small a thing.”

God wants every person in our city, our region, our nation, our world to hear of His good news and have an opportunity to respond. He wants every believer to own their identity as a kingdom of priests who will proclaim His good news and make disciples. However, if our strategy revolves an around isolated one time per week proclamation of the gospel within the four walls of a church building that the majority of our city will not come to even if they are invited, then we will never accomplish what He has commanded. And if we are not accomplishing what He commanded, we are out of line with His heart.

My Heart required changes to align with the Father's Heart.

What changes need to be made in your vision, your identity, your strategy, your church, in order to be aligned with the Father’s heart?

For, the Father’s heart throughout all scripture, is to bring redemption to all people in all places. And He uses all believers to accomplish this mission until there is literally #NoPlaceLeft.

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