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In Acts 13 the Antioch church fasted and prayed.

The Holy Spirit SET APART Paul and Barnabas for the work.

Then the church SENT them to accomplish this work. 


2000 years later, the work is still unfinished. Billions have not heard the good news of Jesus with an opportunity to respond. 


In this COVID-19 global pause, we fast and pray. 

Who has His Spirit SET APART? 

How will we steward the laborers SENT to accomplish God’s work? 


Listen and prepare for what God has on the other side of this global Antioch moment. We pray to be Set Apart and Sent

until there’s #NoPlaceLeft.

#NoPlaceLeft Song with Lyrics
Megan Duke

Day 1 - Set Apart

Session 1 - Established Churches in the Work
Don Waybright  |  Ross Ramsey,
Bryan King  |  JT Timblin
Session 2 - Women in the Work
Shanee S.  |  Jackie Nyamutumbu
Dr. Anungla Kika Jamir  |  Kim D.
Global Prayer Hour
Matt Foshee

Day 2 - Sent

Session 3 - Co-Vocational in the Work
Dave Miller  |  Bruce Carlton
Saron  |  Daniel Solid
Session 4 - Stewarding the Next Generation
Tony L.  |  Josh Gardner
George Robinson  |  Justin Wilson
Session 5 - Global Teams in the Work
David Garrison  |  Oggie Martin
Carter Cox  |  Nathan Shank

Summit Testimonies

Dr. David Garrison - Global Gateway Cities
Laura Smith
David C.

Available Breakout Sessions

Withness: Informal Mentoring for Mission
Dr. George Robinson
Next Generation Leadership
Josh Gardner
Beyond Hospitality: Multiplying Disciples
Among International Students
Kirk Goss
More will be added as available
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