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#1 The Ongoing Role of Apostles in Missions with Dr. Don Dent - Week 1 of 4

Repost from Chase The River

Not too long ago a couple of our ASAP Cluster Leadership Teams participated in a series of Zoom calls with Dr. Don Dent. Dr. Dent shared his wisdom, experience and led out in a Q&A format discussion of his book, The Ongoing Role of Apostles in Missions: The Forgotten Foundation. Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting the recordings of those Zoom call discussions; this is the first recording of the four-week series providing an Intro, some background and focusing on Chapters One; Confusion Regarding the Use of the Word Apostle, and Two; The Use of Aposotolos in the New Testament – more specifically, we’ll focus in on two areas:

  • Your Authority and what it actually says. The Authority of the Sender – who determines what the Task is and authorizes the person being sent for the Task.

  • What the Bible says about “how” we should do missions – focus on proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples and planting churches.


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