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Tacos, Trees, and Unexpected Truth

by Dave Miller

A little Fuzzy’s Taco and a glass of ice tea was great company to Command #1 with a new disciple this week. We began the #3Thirds for the first time from Mark 1:15 and the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19.

I have ingested a few Fuzzys over the years and I have told the story of the wee little man hundreds of times. Both are on my favorites list. The exception this time was the company of a Burundi refugee name Lionel. His heart for the Lord is growing at a steady rate, his desire to start his own business keeps his learning skills honed, and a work ethic that will take him far. Yet, it was his fresh insight to an ancient story of a sycamore tree that intrigued me.

Simple Bible study questions: What did you learn about God? What did you learn about People? What did you learn about sins to avoid? Was there an example to follow or a command to obey? All normal stuff. Great discussion.

Then a simple follow up: After after everything we have learned what does this story teach us…? Through Lionel’s simple answer, the Holy Spirit brought a moment of refreshment and much needed reminder to my soul:

“Jesus looks at our faith. People look at our failures.”

I'll just leave that right there as a encouragement for you today.

A reminder of how our Lord sees us, and as a reminder that we can learn powerful truth from our Lord when we are listening. Even the teacher can learn from a new disciple on the first lesson.

Until there's #NoPlaceLeft...


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