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500 Hours of Prayer for NY Arabs

By Jason Denney

We are the Denneys and we are working in Brooklyn, NY with the deepest desire to see a church planting movement among Muslim Arab people groups throughout the city. We have been here about 6 months and have a rough transition but know the Lord has brought us here for a reason. We know that before any movement has ever happened, it has been preceded by prayer movements. So we want to commit February and beyond to prayer.

So we have a challenge for you. We would like to see 500 hours of prayer committed to in February for our ministry, our team and the Arab community in Brooklyn. That might sound like a big goal but two things are true. One is that God desires for us to have God-sized vision but also this is a team effort. So your personal commitment would be to pray for at least 2 hours throughout the entire month of February. That could be 30 minutes each week or however you want to break it down.

If you want to join us in this way, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to or TEXT 405.334.1310. Just say who you are and that you commit to how many hours of prayer. You could also get others in your life to join us. Get creative. Let’s blow this 500 hours goal out of the water. There are prayer points below that will give you some direction. Thanks for partnering with us in this way!

Please pray:

-for Arab Muslim populations in Bay Ridge (our community in Brooklyn) and how God is going to move among them.

-for people of peace in the community that help begin the movement.

-for existing believers that we might be able to connect with them soon.

-for us to find spiritually interested people.

-for boldness while in the Harvest.

-for our team to work together and support each other as needed.

-for media campaign that is using social media as a “front door” to engage those in the community.

-for more workers to join us.

-for the health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of our family

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